A point of sale (POS) system is where your customers pay for the good or services they bought from your company, so having a simple solution that caters to your business's needs is vital. National can help any merchant choose the right POS option for their business. Our solutions include traditional software systems and mobile apps and offer small and mid-sized merchants POS capabilities that were previously only available to large merchants. All POS systems are easy to use and ready "out of the box" and come with preloaded software and plug-and-play hardware.

Our mobile POS apps are perfect for on-the-go merchants and can allow merchants to start accepting payments today. They are designed to be intuitive and easily configured, with most of them simply requiring downloading the correct version for your device type and entering your National account information.

Some popular types of POS systems include:

Restaurant Systems

We offer a full range of restaurant and hospitality tailored systems including hardware, software, and support bundles.

Retail System

Our retail POS systems are easy to set up and scalable for use in multiple locations. Many features are available including the ability to integrate online ordering and inventory tracking.

Mobile POS

These full featured and cost effective tablet and smartphone apps are designed for easy setup, use, and management. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

To get started, submit an online application and an expert payment specialist will contact you shortly to complete the setup and activation of your account.

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