Wholesalers who collect business to business (B2B) payments have an entirely different set of needs when it comes to payments than traditional brick and mortar or online businesses. Whatever their needs, National can help wholesalers with finding the right payment solution for them, whether that means using secure payment links instead of invoices, finding a point-of-sale (POS) system that integrates inventory tracking, or anything else that the business needs.

Payment solutions for wholesalers can help with many common problems these merchants face including:

  • Cash Flow Management: Ensure that you are getting paid as quickly as possible by allowing for electronic payments instead of using traditional paper checks
  • Inventory Management: Many POS systems come with inventory management modules or can be integrated with other inventory management software
  • Financial Management: POS systems often integrate with accounting software that can make managing the financial health of the company easier

Don't settle when it comes to choosing your payment system. Save yourself and your customers time and money by utilizing the perfect solution, brought to you by National.

To get started, submit an online application and an expert payment specialist will contact you shortly to complete the setup and activation of your account.

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