NDMS ISO Partner Program

The NDMS ISO Partner Program allows partners to refer potential merchants to NDMS in return for a commission for those accounts that are successfully acquired and generate revenue. Under this program, the partner refers a prospective merchant or recommends NDMS products and services, and helps the merchant complete the application process. NDMS pays commissions on the net profits for the life of the merchant account. NDMS partners do not underwrite a merchant nor assume financial liabilities for potential loss. As an ISO partner we encourage you to generate new business and promote our products, services, and solutions to potential customers worldwide. NDMS will approve the merchant application, underwrite the merchant, and can handle 100% of the support if desired. Together, we can create a lasting partnership based on cooperation, reliability, and profitability that will keep your merchants happy for years to come.

NDMS Agent Partner Program

Agents bring in new NDMS merchants, assist them during the application process, act as their prime contact person, and react to changes in their needs. The agent does not underwrite a merchant nor assume financial liabilities for potential loss. We provide an attractive share of the total revenues that includes substantial commissions on net profit. NDMS is always looking to expand our marketplace with value-added products and services for our merchants, and we seek high-quality, mutually beneficial partnerships with the common goal of bringing only the best to market.

Whether you are an ISO or an agent, partnering with NDMS has many advantages for your merchants, and will reflect positively on your business as well:

  • 24/7/365 support: our expert team offers your customers support for all things payments related around the clock.
  • Customized solutions for any size merchant: from small to enterprise to everything in between, we have a payment solution to fit every business's needs.
  • eCommerce, web, and mobile capabilities: we are experts in online payments and have a large variety of online and mobile options.
  • ACH and electronic checks: your merchants can be set up to accept ACH/electronic check payments as well as payment cards.
  • Next day funding: NDMS offers next day funding in many cases.
  • Low processing fees: we work to get your merchants the best possible rates for every type of payment.
  • Fraud prevention tools and PCI compliance support: NDMS can help keep your merchants safe by reducing their exposure to hacking, skimming, phishing, and more.
  • Multiple payment options: recurring billing, card on file, secure vault, robust online reporting, secure data storage, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how NDMS can help your business.

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